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  • Using Components to Wire Everything Together in Dagger 2 2018年12月13日
    Yesterday we learned about how modules are used in Dagger 2 to tell the framework how it should provide a dependency to a class that needs it. However it’s not enough to just create many different mod ...
  • Biometric Authentication with backend verification 2018年12月13日
    One way to apply server-side authentication with biometrics authentication method is to use CRAM (Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism). It is a zero-knowledge authentication mechanism in which ...
  • Dagger 2 Decomposed and Demystified for Android 2018年12月12日
    When it comes to confusing and yet incredibly powerful frameworks, Dagger 2 has to rank somewhere in the top five.What are components? What are modules? What does that @Inject annotation do? How do I ...
  • How Modules Work in Dagger 2 2018年12月12日
    Yesterday we discussed the foundations of Dagger 2 for Android. That article outlined the importance of the @Inject annotation and eluded to how this dependency injection framework would hook into tho ...
  • Flutter: A Hitchhiker Guide to Stateless and Stateful Widgets 2018年12月12日
    Flutter: Stateless and Stateful WidgetsFlutter is a mobile App SDK by Google which helps in creating modern mobile apps for iOS and Android using a single(almost) code base. Unlike other frameworks li ...


Android Developers Backstage(Podcast)

  • Episode 105: Telephony 2018年12月13日
    Tor, Romain, Robert, and Chet.Note the winter coat; the temperatures in California hadplummeted that week all the way down into the lower 60s (F).Brrrr!Tor, Romain, and Chet talk with Robert Greenwalt ...
  • Episode 104: Android Dev Summit 2018年11月29日
    Tor and Romain working hard in the studio whileChet enjoyed the scenery in MontereyOur guest-scheduling failed a second time in a row, but on the heels of the Android Dev Summit we had a lot to talk a ...
  • Episode 103: Tor, Romain, and Chet Talk about Stuff 2018年11月21日
    Tor, Romain, and Chet, caught in a totallycandid and unexpected photo while workinghard in the recording studio.Tor and Romain and Chet completely failed to get a guest for this show. But fortunately, ...
  • Episode 102: ML All the Things! 2018年11月15日
    In this episode, Chet and Tor Romain Guy talk with Ben Murdoch and Matej Pfajfar from the Android ML team to talk about... ML! We talk about ML Kit, Adaptive Battery in Android 9 Pie, TensorFlow Lite, ...
  • Episode 101: Prefetch and Paging 2018年11月1日
    In this episode, Chet and Tor Yigit Boyar talk again with Chris Craik from the Android Toolkit team about RecyclerView prefetch and the new Paging library.This is Part 2 of a much longer conversation ...



  • 144: Developer Productivity Tools 2018年12月10日
    In this episode, Donn and Kaushik talk about productivity tools for developers. As developers, what are some additional tools and utilities that really up your game. If you wanted to see how they twea ...
  • 143: Real world testing thoughts 2018年12月3日
    In this mini fragment, Donn and Kaushik share some thoughts on real world testing with Android development - a favorite topic of theirs. Kaushik recently ran into a case where an espresso test fails b ...
  • 142: Indie development on Android and iOS with Matt Logan 2018年11月19日
    In this episode, we talk to our friend Matt Logan. Matt took some time off and worked on an indie app called Sessions. He built this for both Android and iOS. In this episode we talk to him about his ...
  • 141: Impostor Syndrome 2018年11月12日
    In this mini fragment, Donn and KG talk about Impostor syndrome. Most of us developers are plagued by this. Does this feeling ever go away? How do we deal with this? Listen to this short episode to fi ...
  • 140: ProGuard with Jeb Ware 2018年11月5日
    We all know of ProGuard, we want to use it and like it. But let's face it proGuard ain't pretty. In this episode we have Jeb walk us through the magic of ProGuard. We talk to Jeb Ware of Ame ...



  • 708: Marketing to the Smallest Viable Market with Joey Prather 2018年12月13日
    Coming up is a coaching call with a 19-year-old founder of an idea sharing app. You will discover how to find the smallest viable market, what kind of keywords you should target and out of the box adv ...
  • How to Setup Apple Search Ads 2018年12月12日
    Coming up, you're gonna discover how to set up Apple Search ads campaigns for optimal success. Watch Video on YouTube and Subscribe to our Channel:
  • 707: How to Research Mobile Game Niches with Ryan Yada 2018年12月10日
    Today's guest has over 20M downloads for his game studio. You will learn how he discovers mobile game niches, what to look for in a keyword and personal growth tips to overcome mental blocks. Rya ...
  • 706: How to Find Micro-Influencers on Instagram with NG Gordon 2018年12月6日
    Today's guest is a former professional tennis player and software founder and now he's a micro-influencer. You will discover how he became an influencer, his 4-step process for finding the r ...
  • 705: How to Plan an Ad Roll Out with Vincent Meyer 2018年12月3日
    You're about to discover how today's guest increased his ad revenue by simply removing his banner ads. Plus, he shares the messaging that they use to get better engagement with their video a ...


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  • この記事を書いた人
北川 博之 (みんなのプログラミング by Telulu LLC 代表)

北川 博之(みんなのプログラミング by Telulu LLC 代表)

大阪府生まれ。京都大学経済学部経済学科卒業。 2000年より、日本生命保険、ニッセイアセットマネジメント、パトナム・インベストメンツ(米国)で、日本株トレーダー・アナリスト、経営企画、システム開発等の業務に従事。主に日本株の売買執行・投資分析、経営計画の策定、海外投資家向け日本株営業、社内トレーディングシステム及び経理システムの開発等を行う。 2016年、合同会社てるる設立。スマホアプリプログラマーとして「新感覚脳トレアプリ・記憶戦隊オボエルンジャー」「Meiso-一番シンプルなマインドフルネス瞑想」「ご当地的鉄道アプリ・関西鉄道駅検定(京阪神編)」など、知育・メンタルヘルス系を中心に5タイトル・計10本のAndroid・iOSアプリをリリース。 2017年、自身のこれまでの社会人経験・プログラミング経験・子育て経験をを基に、プログラミングを通じて人々の人生を豊かにして、未来に希望の持てる明るい社会の実現に貢献したいとの想いから、ビギナー向けプログラミングひろば「みんなのプログラミング by Telulu LLC」を設立し、プログラミングサポーター活動と心理カウンセリング活動を開始。3児の父。 かなり長めのプロフィールをこちらから



  「みんプロ式」は、はじめてのアプリ作成からリリースまでを、最短3ヶ月で身につけて頂けるように設計された、完全初心者向けのAndroidスマホアプリ開発プログラミング講座です。 私自身の挫 ...


  「みんプロ式」は、今話題の「反転授業スタイル」を取っています。 「反転授業」とは、従来の「学校でインプット(講義)、自宅でアウトプット(宿題)」の方式を反転させ、「自宅でインプット(動画 ...


  プログラミングの学習は試行錯誤の連続です。どんなにわかりやすい講座でも、思わぬところでつまづくことがあります。 そんな悩みにお答えするのが、プログラミングサポーター(講師)の役割です。 ...


Copyright© みんプロ式・初心者向けAndroidスマホアプリ専門プログラミング講座/教室/スクール/塾-大阪府高槻市 , 2018 All Rights Reserved.