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  • Introducing NDK r21: our first Long Term Support release 2019年10月17日
    Posted by Dan Albert, Android NDK Tech Lead Android NDK r21 is now in beta! It’s been a longer than usual development cycle (four months since NDK r20), so there’s quite a lot to discuss for this rele ...
  • Previewing #AndroidDevSummit: Sessions, App, & Livestream Details 2019年10月9日
    Posted by The #AndroidDevSummit team In two weeks, we'll be welcoming Android developers from around the world at Android Dev Summit 2019, broadcasting live from the Google Events Center (MP7) in ...
  • Continuous testing with new Android emulator tools 2019年10月2日
    Posted by Lingfeng Yang, Android Studio team Developers often use the Android Emulator during their day-to-day development to quickly test the latest changes before they are being committed. In additi ...
  • Unlock your creativity with Google Play Pass 2019年9月23日
    Posted by Shazia Makhdumi, Global Head of Play Pass Business Development With over 2.5 billion active Android devices, Google Play helps your apps and games get discovered by billions of users worldwi ...
  • New! Android Kotlin codelab courses are here 2019年9月20日
    Posted by Jocelyn Becker, Senior Program Manager, Google Developer Training Want to learn to build Android apps in Kotlin? Get started with the Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers and Developing Android a ...


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  • Instil + Kotlin == Happiness 2019年9月20日
    A Case Study of the JetBrains Training Partnership Instil is a software development company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. They specialize in mobile / cloud projects, consultancy, and training. T ...
  • Kotlin Heroes programming contest, round #2 2019年8月29日
    We are excited to announce the second round of our Kotlin Heroes programming contest taking place on the Codeforces platform. JetBrains is working once again with Codeforces to promote Kotlin in the c ...
  • Kotlin 1.3.50 released 2019年8月22日
    We’re happy to announce the release of Kotlin 1.3.50 today. In addition to the quality and tooling improvements, the main focus for this version has been on: Designing a new Duration and Time Measurem ...
  • Kotlin wins Breakout Project of the Year award at OSCON ’19 2019年7月18日
    Today at the O’Reilly Open Source Awards 2019, we were honored to hear that Kotlin has won the prestigious Breakout Project of the Year award, this award recognizes a project that has started “breakin ...
  • Kotlin 1.3.40 released 2019年6月19日
    We’re happy to present the new release today, Kotlin 1.3.40. In addition to the quality and tooling improvements the main focus for this version has been on: Gradle support for NPM, Yarn, and Webpack ...


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  • Firebase ML Kit: AutoML Vision Edge 2019年10月20日
    Photo Courtesy: blog was featured in Android Weekly’s #383 issueWith AutoML Vision Edge, you can create custom image classification mo ...
  • Encrypted Preferences in Android 2019年10月19日
    Storing data in SharedPreferences is so quick and comfortable. It’s also easy for malicious people to have a look at the data stored in SharedPreferences… so go have to be careful about what you put i ...
  • Dagger 1 and Dagger 2 together 2019年10月17日
    Or how to migrate from Dagger 1 to Dagger 2 step by stepPhoto by Barth Bailey on UnsplashWe're reaching the end of 2019 and we just started our migration from Dagger 1 to Dagger 2.…That's ri ...
  • Why you need use-cases/interactors 2019年10月16日
    Why you need Use Cases/InteractorsSince Clean Architecture became the new hot topic in the Android world there have been loads of code samples and articles that tried to explain how it works and which ...
  • Make your Android application rock SOLID [ Part Two ] 2019年10月16日
    Open your mind and Close all your prejudgements. Let’s discover and discuss the Open-Close by qimono.RecapWe have already made an introduction about the SOLID principles in my previous ...


Android Developers Backstage(Podcast)

  • Episode 122: Talk Talk 2019年10月3日
    Chet and Romain,featuring a complete lack of Tor.In this episode, Chet and Romain talk about talking, speak about speaking, monologue monologuing. We have a conversation about various aspects of givin ...
  • Episode 121: Benchmarking 2019年9月14日
    Chet, Dustin and ChrisIn this episode, we chat with Chris Craik and Dustin Lam from the AndroidX team about benchmarking.We cover the new AndroidX benchmarking library, how to use it, and what problem ...
  • Episode 120: Machine Learning 2019年8月21日
    Romain, Anna, and (unfortunately) ChetChet and Romain spoke with Anna Goldie from the Google Brain team about machine learning. If you ever wondered what the difference is between AI and machine learn ...
  • Episode 119: Kotlin with Andrey Breslav 2019年8月9日
    Tor, Andrey, Romain, and Chet (not pictured)Tor and Romain spoke with Andrey Breslav, the lead language designer at Jetbrains for Kotlin. They talked about coroutines, flow, performance, islands near ...
  • Episode 118: Authentic Podcast 2019年8月2日
    Sandra, Carlos, Chet and Romain [authenticated]In this episode, Chet and Romain chat with Carlos Valdivia and Sandra Kwan from the Android Identity and Authentication team, covering related topics lik ...



  • 178: Learning New Languages 2019年10月14日
    As Android developers we know Java and now Kotlin. But to become even more seasoned developers, learning newer languages can be a level booster. In this episode KG and Donn discuss the merits of learn ...
  • 177: Over-Engineered Code 2019年10月7日
    In this episode, Kaushik and Donn go back and forth on the topic of over-engineered code.
  • 176: Kotlin's !! Operator is a Code Smell 2019年9月30日
    In this episode, Donn walks through why Kotlin's Not Null Assertion Operator (!!) is a code smell and what you can do to alleviate it.
  • 175: Kotlin or Java - Which one should you learn? 2019年9月23日
    One question that Kaushik and I get all the time is this ... I'm starting to learn how to build Android apps, which language should I learn? Kotlin or Java? In this episode Donn answers this ques ...
  • 174: Testing RxJava, Debugging and More 2019年9月2日
    Kaushik is back in this weeks podcast. 🎉




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  プログラミングを学ぶ動機としてよく言われているのが、 「世の中コンピューターにあふれている中で、そのコンピューターへの命令である技術としてのプログラミングを知っておくのは非常に役に立つ」 ...


  (受講生インタビュー(大河内 誠一さん)より) きたがわこういうことをやらせて頂いている動機につながる部分があるんですけど、もっとみんなそれぞれ可能性があるんだよということをお伝えしたい ...


(上の画像をクリックすると、音声でご視聴頂けます)   ぼくはHPのプロフィールの中で、アラフォー未経験からプログラミングをはじめましたと言って、何とも格好悪い挫折ヒストリーを恥ずかしげもな ...


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