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  • Kotlin Is Everywhere! Join the Global Event Series 2019年5月7日
    When we say ‘Kotlin is everywhere’, we mean it. Kotlin works on all platforms, and it allows you to develop all types of applications. Developers are excited about Kotlin and hungry for opportunities ...
  • Kotlin Census 2018 Infographics and Report 2019年5月6日
    Kotlin 1.0 was released 3 years ago. It has been an amazing journey and a huge achievement to get to where we are today: Kotlin/Native has opened up incredible possibilities for Kotlin usage on all pl ...
  • Kotlin 1.3.30 released 2019年4月12日
    We’re happy to announce the release of Kotlin 1.3.30, a new bug fix and tooling update for Kotlin 1.3. The main areas of focus for this release have been around Kotlin/Native, KAPT performance, as wel ...
  • Kotlin/Native Support for AppCode 2019.1 2019年4月4日
    We are happy to announce the new and improved Kotlin/Native plugin for AppCode 2019.1! Enjoy working on Kotlin, Swift, and Objective-C projects for macOS and iOS inside the same IDE. New to AppCode? A ...
  • Kotlin 1.3.20 released 2019年1月23日
    We’re happy to announce the release of Kotlin 1.3.20, a new bug fix and tooling update for Kotlin 1.3. In addition to improvements to the compiler and IDE, this version: Allows running Gradle tasks in ...


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  • Mobile intelligence- inspecting TensorFlow Lite image classification model 2019年5月24日
    Mobile intelligence - inspecting TensorFlow Lite image classification modelWhat to know before implementing TFLite model in mobile appThis post was originally published at — a blog abo ...
  • Key to a Healthy Android Project 2019年5月24日
    Integrate static code analysis tools to keep your Android codebase healthy with just a few lines of code.Continue reading on ProAndroidDev »
  • Usage of the ViewModelScope 2019年5月23日
    Based on my last post about easy implementation on Kotlin Coroutines, we were also introduced with the CoroutineContext .That was not too hard to understand, but I think there is a lot of code inside ...
  • A simple way to work with Kotlin Coroutines in Android 2019年5月23日
    Photo by Nareeta Martin on UnsplashDo you feel curious about Kotlin’s coroutines? Have you heard about this before? Do you want to start working with them within your Android project? Well, I’m gonna ...
  • Android open source app secure build 2019年5月23日
    Android open source app secure build configPhoto by James Sutton on UnsplashTL;DR repository: default Android app has debug build in wh ...


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  • Episode 113: IO19 2019年5月17日
    Tor, Romain and ChetIn this episode, Chet, Romain and Tor discuss the Android-related announcements at Google I/O this year -- Android Q, Jetpack Compose, Project Marble, etc.Subscribe to the podcast ...
  • Episode 112: Cutting Corners with MDC 2019年5月3日
    Tor, Mel, Chet, and Romain(shown in alphabetical order)In this episode, Chet, Tor, and Romain chat with Mel Goetz, an engineer on the Material team, about Material Design Components, the set of compon ...
  • Episode 111: Emulator Snapshot 2019年3月20日
    Romain, Frank and Tor in the StudioIn this episode, Romain and Tor chat with Frank from the Android Studio team. Frank works on the Android emulator and in this episode he explains the differences bet ...
  • Episode 110: It's all about the Treble 2019年3月8日
    Chet, Iliyan and Tor in the StudioIn this episode, Chet and Tor chat with Iliyan Malchev from Project Treble. We already covered this a year and a half ago back in episode 75, but this time we dig dee ...
  • Episode 109: Jazz Hands 2019年2月22日
    Michael, Tor (not pictured), Romain (not pictured), andChet (not even present). Some podcasts are conversations.Some are more like interrogations in a café.In this episode, Tor and Chet Romain talked ...






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みんプロならアプリ出せるって最初に確信した(受講生インタビュー・芝 毅仁さん)

社会人にはうってつけの講座だと思います(受講生インタビュー・大河内 誠一さん)






  ぼくは、今でこそスマホアプリを作ったりとか、人様にプログラミングを教えることをやらせて頂いてますけど、ほんの数年前までは全然。 プログラミングというのは、一説には9割もの人が挫折すると言 ...


  これまで、「ぼくのプログラミング挫折ヒストリー」として、ぼくの黒歴史を恥ずかしげもなくしゃべらせて頂きました。 でも、あの苦い経験のおかげで、完全初心者向けのプログラミング講座「みんプロ ...


  これまで、スマホアプリプログラミングの勉強を1からやってきて、色んな挫折を繰り返してきたわけですが、その中で思ったのは、 世間のスマホアプリ開発を教えるカリキュラムというのは、たいがい「 ...

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